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Today, a growing number of OEMs have a sound understanding of how significant PCB hybrid manufacturing is for their new generation of products. That’s because their customers in the medical electronics, mil/aero, commercial, and industrial sectors are demanding greater electronics functionality in smaller, portable devices. This means those devices are based on smaller printed circuit […]

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Image source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interposer

A number of new terms are entering into today’s PCB discussions. Most of these terms involve those PCBs that continue to shrink, use smaller packaged devices, and have limited real estate. The term, “interposer” is among the newest ones joining such other new terms as PCB hybrid manufacturing, microelectronics, die attach, wire bonding, and others. […]

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Over time, PCB manufacturing has evolved from the traditional through hole, to through hole combined with SMT, and today, a growing number of PCBs are assembled with a combination of SMT and microelectronics or bare die wire bonded onto a substrate or the PCB, itself. Die attach is an integral part of microelectronics. In 2019 […]

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