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PCB Design Quote

Accurate PCB Design quotes are contingent upon our receipt of comprehensive, accurate quote materials. Although we once generated a quote from a hand drawn schematic on a lunch napkin, ideally, we’d like to have as much of the following as possible.

Design Quote Requirements

  • Schematic
  • Netlist
  • Bill of Materials
  • Board Size
  • Preferred Number of Layers
  • Desired Lead Time (Standard is 1-4 weeks, depending on complexity)
  • What percentage of the board is to be hand-routed versus auto-routed?
  • Special routing instructions

Request A Quote for PCB Design

To submit a request for a PCB design quote, please fill out the form below and provide as much information as you can. Hint: if you need help filling out the quote, please call us at 1.408.436.8150, or fill in your name, company name and email address.
  • (Limit file size: 64MB)
  • (Limit file size: 64MB)
  • Board Mechanicals/Specs:

  • Please specify inches, MM, or Mills

Note: Press Submit button only once. If you have chosen to upload a file this may take as long as a minute depending on your file size. Closing the browser before confirmation page will cancel form submission. Please be patient.

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