Engineering Services - Nexlogic

Engineering Services

Product Development Services:

We undertake projects from concept to mass production. With 200+ yrs of experience in design and development of embedded systems we can help customers drive to completion any portion of engineering work during their product development cycle. We help in evaluating and selecting key components of both hardware and software, schematics capture of target board/system, PCB Layout services, FPGA deign and coding, developing firmware and software for target system, developing BSP for target board and etc., We have working knowledge and experience with of all popular 8/16/32 bit SoC hardware and key io interfaces like WiFi, BLE, ZigBee, LoRa, LTE, HDMI, USB, CSI, DSI, LVDS, 1G and 10G networking interface, and camera image sensors,. Our Software expertise is in the design and development of Linux, Andriod, and WinCE BSPs and its applications.

Hardware Design Services:

  • High performance embedded system design using advance microcontrollers
  • Wireless: WiFI, BT, ZigBee, LoRA, and LTE
  • Integration of camera, HID devices and displays
  • Board bring-up testing and validation

Software Design Services:

  • Linux, Andrioid, and WinCE platforms expertise
  • Custom BSP development for target systems
  • Develop software test development software stress testing.
  • Manufacturing test development and product testing service

FPGA Design Services:

  • RTL development
  • System Architecture Design
  • Test Bench design
  • Firmware of software development on target hw systems

Manufacturing Services:

  • Prototype through Mass Production services
  • Turnkey Products

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