PCB Design - NexLogic Technologies


From 25 to 40,000+ pins, our PCB Design team of in-house electrical engineers, with CID and CID+ degrees, can handle your toughest designs. These engineers are experts in PCB Design Services and specialize in using Altium, Allegro and PADS.

When customers are in need of our PCB Design, we are able to work on their designs around the clock (24 hours a day) and therefore, NexLogic is the first choice of engineers with time-critical designs. Our capability, experience and expertise effectively support our customers and their most complex PCB designs and pressing deadlines.

Whether we lay your board out at our facility or yours (ask about our on-site, nationwide service), you can expect the same premier service that has created our growing number of loyal design customers.

PCB Design Expertise

NexLogic has extensive expertise in printed circuit board design layout. We respond to our client’s requirements and deliver high quality solutions such as multi-layer boards, analog and digital, differential pairs, controlled impedance and ultra high-speed designs.

Whether you are a start-up who is prototyping a design, or an established organization requiring multi-layer circuit board designs, our designers are just a phone call away.

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