Microelectronics Packaging - Nexlogic

Microelectronics Packaging

Microelectronics packaging is our newest technology addition to our existing SMT and through hole PCB design, fabrication, and assembly expertise.

We now have an extensive suite of different services including wire bonding, wedge bonding, system in package or SIP, flip chip,chip on board, multi-chip modules and others.

We are capable of handling class 10,000 + class 1000 clean room projects in state of the art, newly built clean room.

When it comes to the newer technologies – flip chips, MEMs, special sensors, anisotropic conductive film or ACF bonding or any design challenges including wearables and IoT – we not only do the prototype, but also excel in production of highly complex boards.

Even when presented with special constraints like those dealing with PCB real estate, packaging challenges, die attach, and others, we expertly resolve them under one roof.

How do we do that? We adhere to maintaining top customer satisfaction, the highest standards of quality, a strong work ethic, and constantly investing in new technologies and capabilities. Examples include die mounting with accuracy of ± 10 micrometers (MM) and die fixed capabilities off different wafers.

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