Automated Test Equipment Board Assembly - Nexlogic

Automated Test Equipment Board Assembly

We have over 15 years of experience producing automated test equipment (ATE) boards for leading companies.

Our assembly line features MyCronic’s (MyData) most accurate pick and place machine capable of handling large 20 x 24-inch and up to 26 x 30-inch boards at 32,000 components per hour (CPH) placement rate.

ATE boards are increasing in complexity with greater numbers of layers – upwards of 40 to 60. Plus, unlike conventional PCBs, ATE PCBs demand specific processes, like special attention to thermal profiling, protecting the DUT areas, stiffeners and other ancillary requirements.

Our engineering staff has decades of knowhow and experience to efficiently complete the most complex ATE board projects. At NexLogic Technologies, you’ll get the best and most effective ATE PCB assembly our industry offers. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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