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Why NexLogic?

So You Can Focus On Your Core Competencies:

Our customers rely on us to handle all aspects of their printed circuit projects. Our handling of their layout, fabrication, assembly & material management is driven by constant market pressure to shorten time-to-market, enhance asset utilization, keep abreast of emerging technologies and master complex process technologies. NexLogic’s capabilities and services enable our customers to focus on their core competencies like research & development and sales & marketing.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

Let’s face it, we’re involved in a dynamic industry. Manufacturing processes become more sophisticated as electronic products become more technologically advanced. The task of maintaining the technical expertise needed to remain competitive with each successive product generation is virtually impossible for most OEMs. This is why our customers enjoy their partnerships with us. They gain access to the latest equipment, manufacturing process knowledge and manufacturing expertise, all without a substantial capital investment.

Save Time:

Valuable time is lost during transition from one phase of a project to another. Example: layout-to-fab, fab-to-assembly, parts procurement-to-assembly. Because we’re capable of handling everything in one streamlined process, all under one roof, you get the benefit of working with one company and one time-line versus 3 or 4 companies and 3 or 4 timelines.

You Benefit From Our Experience:

We deal with hundreds and hundreds of part numbers on a yearly basis; so we can proudly say that we’ve just about seen it all! We’re ahead of the pack on advances in technology, processes, packaging, and different chipsets. Because we’ve specialized in prototypes for so long, there isn’t much that we haven’t seen, but that’s not all because we’re also experts at small to medium production runs. If a problem arises, you can bet that our expertise will provide you with a suitable work-around.

DFM & DFT Experts:

Because we handle PCB layout, fab, assembly and procurement under one roof, and we all work so closely together, our layout engineers are experts at DFM (Design For Manufacture) and DFT (Design For Test). That means we’re right on your requirements without wasting your valuable time and can design in the right DFM methodology for your projects and immediately test and verify them, all in a continuous and highly efficient series of design and assembly operations.


Because we’re a medium sized company, we react quickly to your changing needs. We’ve grown accustomed to changes on the fly and have actually come to expect them.

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