ITAR - NexLogic Technologies


NexLogic Technologies, Inc. is ITAR certified for PCB layout, fabrication, and assembly and has been since 2013. ITAR stands for the International Traffic In Arms Regulations, which are U. S. State Department controls regulating the U. S. defense industry. In short, ITAR sets up the critical assurances that U. S. technology used for defense and mil/aero applications is not compromised, jeopardized, sabotaged, or even reverse engineered outside the U. S. by unfriendly or enemy forces to the U. S.

The chart below shows the key pre-cautions as required by ITAR and rigorously implemented at NexLogic to comply with ITAR procedures and regulations.

  1. Projects to be seen only by U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
  2. Materials such as PCB components and all other ancillary items to be under lock and key at all times, except when on the manufacturing floor.
  3. Use PCB fabrication provided only from U.S. fab shops.
  4. Maintain designated control area with restricted access.

ITAR-Restricted-Inventory+LockPlus, in some cases, ITAR projects are bound by traceability.

That’s only a portion of the overall infrastructure we’ve tailored to comply with all ITAR requirements.

For instance, as part of our ITAR work for our mil/aero customers, we qualify U. S. board fabrication suppliers. We also follow ITAR rules and regulations to the hilt by segregating physical areas containing customer ITAR projects and putting them under lock and key, as shown in Fig. 1. Additionally, we constantly perform video monitoring of those areas as well as record videos during and after hours, including weekends.

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