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A unique thermal profile is designed for each PCB job undergoing conventional SMT assembly, as virtually every PCB assembly professional knows. But what about a PCB assembly project involving both conventional rigid board and an extraordinarily small rigid or rigid-flex circuit undergoing microelectronics assembly? In short, that’s called PCB hybrid assembly, which requires two separate, unique, and distinctly different thermal profiles.

Here’s where extensive experience dealing with these unique thermal profiles comes into play. Combining SMT and microelectronics assembly with separate thermal profiles for each is of particular importance to OEMs designing advanced wearable, IoT, and other portable products. It’s important for these and other OEMs to get a handle on the number of factors going into developing the right thermal profiles for SMT and microelectronics assembly. Failing or falling short on any of the steps in creating the right thermal profile for either or both PCB assembly processes can prove costly in dollars and time to revenue to an OEM.

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