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The right solder paste must be used to ensure components are solidly connected to IoT rigid-flex and flex circuit boards. Otherwise, without getting a good handle on solder paste, both large and small IoT product companies may be throwing away thousands of dollars, as the wrong solder paste can create flaws such as shorts, opens and latent defects can occur, which could be very costly and time-consuming.

The industry uses solder paste by types. There are types 1 through 7, according to the Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits standard J-STD 005A dated Dec. 2011. Types 1-5 are the most popular, while types 6 and 7 are not as prevalent in PCB manufacturing. Powder metal serves as the paste’s basis, and it’s made up of millions of metal particles or so-called “solder spheres.”

That powder metal is combined with flux to form the solder paste, thus creating the necessary adhesion. Then stencil printing applies the paste on the IoT rigid-flex or flex circuit board to temporarily hold the components on the board.

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