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The demand for and technology of IoT devices are rapidly passing the consumer market and landing squarely in medical electronics, IT/enterprise, industrial and military markets. And those IoT markets are experiencing dramatic growth.

However, those markets are highly demanding when it comes to high reliability. IoT devices in these instances must be reliable to the point where there can be no flaws or failures, and definitely no latent failures — meaning the IoT device shouldn’t fail once it’s being used in the field.

How do you maintain IoT device high reliability especially at the printed circuit board (PCB) level?

Remember, as I said in an earlier blog, most IoT PCBs are not conventional printed circuits. Rather, in most cases, they are small combinations of rigid and flexible circuits or flexible circuits alone. It can be argued that some IoT products may be larger and, in those cases, more of a conventional rigid PCB is used. But in a majority of cases, IoT products are small and call for the rigid-flex or flex circuitry as the basic PCB.

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