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Get the right solder paste for your IoT PCBs

The right solder paste must be used to ensure components are solidly connected to IoT rigid-flex and flex circuit boards. Otherwise, without getting a good handle on solder paste, both large and small IoT product companies may be throwing away thousands of dollars, as the wrong solder paste can create flaws such as shorts, opens […]

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Transmitting signals in an IoT PCB

Effectively transmitting electronic signals in an IoT product relies heavily on how device packaging, traces, routing and vias are designed in IoT rigid-flex or flex circuitry. Component or device packaging includes micro ball grid arrays (micro BGAs), quad-flat no-leads (QFN) and dual-flat no-leads (DFN). These electronic device packages are less than the size of a […]

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Fill Up Through Holes in IoT Rigid-Flex and Flex Circuits

Requirements for Class III IoT devices are very specific. IoT applications falling into this category include mil/aero and medical electronics. In the assembly process for any type of PCB, either surface mount technology or through hole is used to place components onto an IoT rigid-flex or flex circuit. As the name implies, surface mount is […]

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