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Outsourcing 101

Carving our strategic partnerships can pay handsome dividends. Increasingly, it is becoming paramount that OEMs focus on their core competencies, such as system R&D, design, architecture, system software and branding. Outsourcing such key aspects of their product as board design, fabrication, assembly and procurement is part of the mix for maintaining a competitive edge and […]

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The Impact of Lead-Free on Design and Fabrication

Designers will take on minimal changes, but fabricators are not so lucky. The advent of lead-free manufacturing is impacting PCB design and fabrication, but its effect on design is minimal. Fortunately for designers, in general, the design rules for lead-free soldering are similar to those for tin-lead soldering. Many steps in the design process – […]

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Avoiding preconceived notions is a must if you want to design efficient mixed-signal boards. In many cases, engineers have preconceived notions about mixed-signal designs and how analog and digital placement, partitioning and associated design should be performed. However, the truth of the matter is that every mixed-signal board design is different and demands interactive design […]

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