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Failures in IoT PCB wire bond loops

Earlier we talked about wire bond testing for IoT printed circuit boards and the types of wire used to connect a bare chip to a substrate or the PCB surface itself. This discussion deals with wire bond loops pull testing and verification, which is critical for IoT device reliability. Your immediate reaction is probably: What […]

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A careful look at RF for your IoT PCBs

IoT devices remain in their infancy, with a lot of questions being asked and experimenting going on. Radio frequency, or RF, is one technology that IoT companies and startups are dialing into to advance state-of-the-art IoT and, in doing so, increasing profit margins for their IoT products. In some cases, there are a lot of […]

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Transmitting signals in an IoT PCB

Effectively transmitting electronic signals in an IoT product relies heavily on how device packaging, traces, routing and vias are designed in IoT rigid-flex or flex circuitry. Component or device packaging includes micro ball grid arrays (micro BGAs), quad-flat no-leads (QFN) and dual-flat no-leads (DFN). These electronic device packages are less than the size of a […]

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Locking in security at the IoT PCB level

The electronics manufacturing services provider designing and assembling IoT printed circuit boards must have a comprehensive understanding of today’s electronics that contribute to an IoT device’s security. Certainly, a great number of software vendors are supporting the IoT products businesses with their versions of security software. However, from a hardware point of view, chipmakers are […]

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Pump up high reliability for IoT PCBs

The demand for and technology of IoT devices are rapidly passing the consumer market and landing squarely in medical electronics, IT/enterprise, industrial and military markets. And those IoT markets are experiencing dramatic growth. However, those markets are highly demanding when it comes to high reliability. IoT devices in these instances must be reliable to the […]

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Ultra-clean IoT PCBs assure high reliability

IoT devices going into military/aerospace, medical and/or highly specialized industrial applications demand ultra-high reliability so they operate properly according to their tight specifications. That means the small IoT printed circuit boards (PCBs) must be ultra-clean and virtually free of any contaminants or chemical residues. But to understand how best to gain that IoT reliability, we […]

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