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Ultra-fine pitch devices pose new PCB design issues

Ball-grid array (BGA) packages come in a variety of pitches and sizes. As device complexity increases and OEMs continue their drive toward smaller components, ball pitches of 0.5 mm and lower are becoming more popular. Pitch is defined as the space between the center of one BGA ball to the center of the next one. […]

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Underfill revisited: How a decades-old technique enables smaller, more durable PCBs

A well-orchestrated PCB design and assembly plan is required to successfully implement techniques such as underfill in next generation OEM embedded consumer and mobile designs. Two distinct market sectors in embedded systems are driving a trend to ever smaller components that do more, do it more reliably, and do it while withstanding harsh conditions. In […]

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Evaluating PCB layout tools: A board developer’s perspective

As edge rates of logic devices become faster and PCB designs become more advanced and geared towards miniaturization, a number of issues and pitfalls can emerge at the layout stage if you do not have appropriate tools at your disposal to handle your requirements. In-depth experience using the various PCB layout tools available today is […]

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Assuring PCB reliability by building in additional tolerances

High reliability or HiRel is the nomenclature or class given to printed circuit boards (PCBs) designed and manufactured for mil/aero or medical electronics systems and equipment, and on occasion, for special OEM gear. However, in some cases, vital steps in high reliability PCB design, fabrication, and assembly are overlooked for a variety of reasons — […]

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Taking on the 0.3 mm Ultra-Fine Pitch Device Challenge in PCB Design

A significant majority of the electronics OEM market is rapidly moving toward increasingly greater product miniaturization along with higher levels of functional integration. The best examples are the new crops of smart phones and mobile/wireless devices. And whether the industry is ready or not, 0.3 millimeter (mm) ultra-fine pitch micro CSPs (chipscale packages), micro BGAs […]

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