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Make sure your ATE PCB is Ultra Clean

The main reason ATE PCBs must be properly and comprehensively cleaned is largely due to the DUT. DUT stands for device under test, which is the circuit area on the ATE PCB where your new ┬ÁP, SoC, FPGA, or any other valuable semiconductor product is to be tested. Special care must go toward eliminating any […]

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Anatomy of ATE PCB Assembly

An automatic test equipment (ATE) PCB (a.k.a. a test board) is at the heart of all major test activities targeted at verifying a specific semiconductor chip’s functionality. Semiconductor chip technology has become so advanced that testing these highly complex devices must be performed effectively to ensure high reliability and functionality. This allows chipmakers to convey […]

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Check Out The Thermal Profile For ATE PCBs

ATE PCBs can be up to 0.187-inch thick or even 0.25-inch, with a high layer count that includes a number of ground and power planes and have a lot of gold on the surface (typically 50 micro inches, ENIG) on the tester and DUT pads. The size of the board along with the amount of […]

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