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Ball Grid Array Soldering

Well made solder-printing stencils are critical to creating high-quality BGA assemblies. The larger of the two stencils above is framed. The smaller stencil is non-framed. Assembling a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly populated with ball-grid array (BGA) packages requires the utmost precision, especially in the case of micro-BGAs. Component placement tolerances must be remarkably tight, […]

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Curing Your Parts Headaches

Pay attention to parts quality throughout the assembly process to ensure profitability. A good product, one that people will want to buy, needs to be greater than the sum of its parts. But, what happens if one or more of those parts are out of spec? You may find yourself with excessive rework costs, excessive […]

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Design for Medical Electronics Assembly

New technologies demand well organized design-for-assembly procedures. In addition, there are different considerations for prototype assembly and production assembly, with each requiring a specific design skill set and equipment. The assembly of medical devices continues to increase in complexity due to newer, more advanced electronics technologies. The current trend toward portable wireless and handheld devices, […]

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