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Download PCB Design Forensics Whitepaper & Meet Us At PCB West

We are happy to announce the publication of our most recent whitepaper titled: Forensics Unocvers Elusive Defects And Saves PCB Designs

OEM products and their supporting PCBs and packaging have shrunk so much, it is considerably challenging to detect extremely small problems. Check out our whitepaper on these elusive defects and how forensics finds them.

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Meet us @ PCB West 2013 – Presenting on CAM/CAD Design Guidelines for DfM/DfA/DfT

Join us at the hour-long design-for-manufacturing (DFM) presentation at PCBWest 2013 scheduled for September 24-26 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Company President and industry veteran Zulki Khan will be present to answer attendee questions.

NexLogic PCB design engineers will conduct Session 15 focused on CAM/CAD Design Guidelines for DfM/DfA/DfT. Discussions will center on corrective DFM practices used on an extremely high-speed PCB design that experienced lower than expected yields at assembly. In effect, the original PCB design was not manufacturable. The NexLogic presentation will concentrate on the steps taken to alter the original PCB design to make it manufacturable and attain better than 90 percent yields.

Major emphasis will be given to reasons the high-speed PCB design example experienced considerable layout errors that created problems at assembly and resulted in 60 percent yields achieved with the first PCB design. Included in those reasons were:

  • Incorrect part geometry or pad/hole definition.
  • Inadequate spacing between through hole and surface mount (SM) components.
  • Lack of rework-ability around critical components.
  • Components too close to the board’s edge.
  • Via or pad holes too close to the board’s edge.
  • Absence or lack of fiducials.

Issues arising from BGA use in this PCB project will also be covered. Those include increased spacing required for BGA re-workability, coefficient of thermal expansion or CTE mismatch between the package and the PCB needs to be considered during PWB material selection, and how crucial symmetrical board stack is when BGAs are involved.