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Tune In To NexLogic’s LED PCB Webinar On October 21

One thing you can say about LEDs. That technology is definitely not static ñ it is amazingly dynamic. LED technology is like an old friend. It’s been with us for many moons. But it changes constantly. So much so that the OEM designer has to be on top of his or her game when it comes to designing in LEDs into their applications.

The most recent evolutionary change is due to today’s dramatic ramping up of an assortment of portable communications devices with LCD displays like the iPod, iPhone, and all those handheld products touting pictures and video. No question about it, the promise of more content on those devices tacks on more functionality and high-resolution color displays.

Savvy board designers are quickly learning that these smaller communications devices with LCD displays ñ regardless whether they’re consumer, industrial, medical, or mil/aero ñ require a white backlight rather than the traditional green light. And therein lies some design issues that demand careful consideration.

LED backlighting will be one of many LED PCB design, fab, and assembly topics to be covered in our Webinar slated for October 21. So there will be plenty of LED areas we’ll be covering.

We presented many of these same LED subjects at the 2011 PCB West in Silicon Valley last month. But if you weren’t able to attend, please tune in to our Webinar to get the latest answers to a variety of LED PCB issues.

Here’s a quick rundown on the issues we’ll be covering in our Webinar:

  • The ever-present thermal management issue associated with LEDs.
  • Making the most of the chipmaker’s LED heat dissipation advances in a PCB design.
  • Getting an understanding of the right heat sinks.
  • Copper area thieving.
  • Ground plan utilization.
  • Ground pouring on layers.
  • And a host of other major and updated issues and answers.

By attending our Webinar, you can be assured you will add considerable know how to your current knowledge base of LED board design, fab, and assembly.