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PCB Prototype Manufacturing

Efficient PCB Prototype manufacturing encompasses a number of important traits. Among the most prevalent are quick-turn capabilities, manufacturing flexibility, easy GUI, quick changeover adaptability, higher technology level, proactive and trained staff, equipment, and capacity levels. Additionally, the savvy contract manufacturer (CM) or EMS provider has a flexible procurement system, strong process capabilities, an array of fixtures, and balanced SMT lines.

Standard turn, also known as extended turnaround time, refers to the time between order entry and customer-ready prototype, and it differs among CMs and EMS providers. Some advertise one week as their standard turn; others, two to three weeks. Time factors are of prime concern because an OEM customer can incur extra costs and time-to-market loss by naively relying on three weeks delivery, when in reality, the time extends out to six to eight weeks, if all the manufacturing processes are not properly scheduled and planned.

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