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What To Look For When Selecting Your Prototype EMS House

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What To Look For When Selecting Your Prototype EMS House

Given the fact PCBs are highly complex these days, efficient prototype manufacturing takes on newer dimensions, well-trained staffs, and advanced technologies. Plus, the CM or EMS provider must have a flexible procurement system, strong process capabilities, an array of fixtures, and balanced SMT lines.

Look for the May issue of CircuiTree Magazine for an in-depth discussion of prototype manufacturing.

For now, here are some tips to follow to get you well prepared for your next prototype PCB project.

  • A prototype line must be flexible enough to accept different board sizes and complexity levels.
  • Check out the sales management at your CMís or EMS providerís company. Are they alert enough to catch prototype issues ahead of time?
  • Look for the right kind of equipment required for effective prototype manufacturing.
  • Make sure your CM or EMS provider has flexible procurement to assure last minute adjustments to your prototype are made correctly and without added cost.
  • Find out how good a working relationship and communications your CM or EMS provider has with the fabrication house.
  • Learn about the inventory of fixtures available for your prototype job. The right kind of fixtures can accelerate your project.

Last, but not least, keep in mind that a savvy CM or EMS provider must have balanced SMT lines. You shouldn’t even consider a prototype house with only one line. It’s best to consider a CM or EMS provider with three to four SMT lines. A single SMT line prototype house can pose major problems for you.