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Just Launched: PCB Educational Video Series

Tired of reading but still yearning to learn! No worries, NexLogic is happy to introduce its Printed Circuit Board Educational Video Series. In this series, NexLogic’s experts discuss best practices in PCB Design Layout, Stencil Printing, Testing as well as a number of very important PCB topics, in short yet very informative videos.

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  • Stencil Printing

    Proper stencil printing is very important to avoid solder defects.

  • Pick and Place

    The pick and place process starts with computer-aided design or CAD data and bill of materials.

  • Thermal Profiling

    High quality, low defect soldering requires identifying the optimum thermal profile for re-flowing the solder paste.

  • Flying Probe Testing

    Flying probe testing has become more popular due to technology improvements.

  • PCB Design Layout Process Part 1

    Layout preparation, parts library creation and constraints setup.

  • PCB Design Layout Process Part 2

    Component placement, routing and post processing.

  • Complete PCB Cycle Design to Production

    PCB Cycle Design to Production: PCB Layout, Fabrication and Assembly.