PCB Design
From 25 to 25,000+ pins, our printed circuit board design and layout team can handle your toughest designs. We offer you:
Ultra High Speed Designs Guaranteed quick turn-around time
Multi-layer (any layer count) Designs Analog & Digital Designs
Micro-BGA and BGA 10+ years of experience
Autorouting & Handrouting Single point of contact
Cadence Allegro & PADS PowerPCB RoHS & Pb-Free compliance
PCB Fabrication
From prototype through production and quick-turns through standard and scheduled deliveries, your expectations are what we strive to exceed. Our capabilities include:
Multi-layer (up to 40) Guaranteed quick turnaround
SMT & Through-hole Quick-turn Prototypes
Netlist Testing Single point of contact
3 mil Traces/3 mil Spaces (5/5 is standard) IPC Standards
FR4 Rogers Polymide/Teflon RoHS & Pb-Free compliance
PCB Assembly
Although we feature high speed pick and place machines, multi-zone reflow ovens and Electrovert dual wave/chip wave solder machines, the heart and soul of our assembly operation is the people on the assembly floor. Our PCB Assembly capabilities include:
SMT & Through-hole Quick-Turn Assemblies
High Speed Placement Turnkey or Consigned Kits
BGA and Micro-BGA Capabilities Prototype & Volume Production
Fine Pitch Functional Testing
0201 Placement RoHS & Pb-Free compliance
Materials Management

The average PCB project requires about 10-15 purchase orders to be placed with 10-15 vendors. This also means that you would have to deal with 10-15 packing slips and 10-15 invoices. Let Nexlogic be your turnkey solution.

Our efficient, in-house Material Management team provides total supply management (including component purchasing and Just-In-Time inventory management) for your PCB projects. Because we've established and continue to maintain strong relationships with key component distributors, you are assured of maximum value for your purchasing dollar.

What this all means to you is that you are now free to concentrate on your core competencies like research & development and sales & marketing.

There is growing confusion among OEMs over a variety of issues and technologies aimed at resolving Pb-free concerns. Work with the Nexlogic Pb-Free team to alleviate these concerns in any of the following areas:
Pb-Free Design & Layout Pb-Free Fabrication
Pb-Free Assembly Pb-Free Purchasing
Our Pb-Free trained personnel in purchasing, inventory management, fabrication and process control are just a phone call away!



"Your courteous and knowledgeable staff, the flexible and fast high quality service and competitive pricing has made NexLogic my primary choice for all my PCB needs."

Chris K.
Apple Computers, Inc.


Industries We Serve
We build medical products to J-STD-001C Class III standards. Our certified technicians raise our already high bar to accommodate the more stringent demands of the medical industry. NexLogic workmanship can be found in diagnostic and surgical equipment, such as flat panel displays and lasers, for some of the most recognizable companies including Varian, Bio-Rad and Siemens.
NexLogic manufactured boards have been used in fixed winged aircraft, helicopters, and shipboard. We've worked with NASA, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, and the DoD.

For over 15 years, leaders in the semiconductor industry have relied on NexLogic's expertise for their critical, time sensitive Printed Circuit Board projects.
Turnkey Services
In addition to Military/Aerospace, Medical/Bio-medical and semiconductor industries, we have served a variety of industries including telecom, oceanographic and commercial. No matter what your industry is, we are likely to have implemented a turnkey PCB solution for it.


About NexLogic

In business since 1995, NexLogic has established itself as a premier provider of complete printed circuit solutions. By handling your PCB design, layout, fabrication, assembly, procurement, and related ancillary services all under one roof, NexLogic provides you with a unique, efficient, one-stop solution for all of your printed circuit board (PCB) needs.

NexLogic is a premier provider for all PCB Design Services, PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly Services. Our customers rely on us to handle all the features of their printed circuit boards projects. Our treatment of their PCB design, layout, fabrication, assembly, & material management is driven by continuous market pressure to shorten time-to-market, enhance asset utilization, keep abreast with up-and-coming technologies, and master complex process technologies. NexLogic's capabilities and services allow our customers to focus on their main competencies like research & development and sales & marketing.

From prototype through production and quick-turns through standard and scheduled deliveries, let our highly competent domestic assembly operation handle all of your PCB Assembly Services. NexLogic looks forward to serving you for any of your PCB needs.

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